Multi-award-winning publisher ECO COMICS

Eco Comics

Award-winning* publisher ECO COMICS produces PAPERLESS comic books and graphic novels.

Wildlife and the environment continue to suffer from paper production. Sustainable forestry has received severe criticism from world-leading environmental organisations.

ECO COMICS is taking action before it is too late: all our titles are designed to have minimal carbon footprint and impact on the environment.

The reader has the satisfaction of being eco-friendly - added with the enjoyment and quality they expect from a print comic book! See: GALLERY #1 & GALLERY #2 & our blog.


If you are having trouble locating or ordering any Eco Comics title, you can order directly from us via Paypal. For details, please email Eco Comics.

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  • Heroic High #1
  • Pirate Queen #1
  • Tough Guy #1
  • Tough Guy #2
  • Tough Guy #3
  • Dick Turpin #1 Pencil Preview
  • Supplanter #1
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  • Dracula vs. Robin Hood vs. Jekyll & Hyde #1
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  • Dracula vs. Robin Hood vs. Jekyll & Hyde #3
  • Green T
  • Mr. T season 1 #4
  • Tough Guy Graphic Novel (Herb Trimpe cover)
  • Humans vs Monsters
  • Green Man
  • Englishman #1 [FREE!]

Green Man

The legendary GREEN MAN is now official mascot of Eco Comics!

He is also the star of his very own paperless-exclusive comic book, out now from
Eco Comics:


Green Apple Award Winner 2012

* Eco Comics is now a DOUBLE award-winner!

2012-2013 GREEN APPLE AWARD bronze winner!

and now also

2013-2014 GREEN APPLE AWARD gold winner!

These coveted, prestigious awards are considered one of the greatest recognitions for environmental endeavour and best practice around the world.

To celebrate its awards, Eco Comics has released a FREE paperless-exclusive comic book!