April Fool’s Day was always going to be a day of dedication to the Mohawk muscleman, Mr. T, known across the globe for his catchphrase, “I pity the fool!”

Mohawk Media, publisher of the Mr. T graphic novel, have decided to celebrate ‘Fool’s Day by taking pity by the early announcement of a series of Mr. T Versus crossover comic magazines, beginning with Mr. T Versus Dracula.

We sat down with author of both the Mr. T graphic novel and the Mr. T Versus crossovers, Christopher Bunting, to get some world-exclusive information:

Mr. T Versus Dracula

Q: Christopher, to be candid, as cool as the first confirmed Mr. T Versus is … Dracula?? Was he really your first choice for a crossover with Mr. T?

CB: Absolutely. Two global icons going head to head, it doesn’t get much more exciting than that!
But for me, as a writer, it’s as much about character. I see Dracula as suave and sophisticated. Cunning and calculating. But this makes him a fraudster, a conman of sorts. That makes terrific juxtaposition with the personality of Mr. T, who is a straight talking, “no bull” kind of guy. Therefore it really becomes a clash of personalities, as well as power.

Mr. T Versus..?

Q: Covers 2 and 3 are equally mouth-watering: tell us some more about them and what you have planned…

CB: I’m sworn to secrecy until Mohawk Media officially announce these, “bub”!

Mr. T Versus..?

Q: Not even a few hints?

CB: I can’t, really! Mohawk Media told me that if I reveal any details, they’ll “exterminate” me!

Q: Please?

CB: No.

Q: Pleasey please?

CB: I will tell you how these particular two crossovers came about: through fan demand. On the “Ask Mr. T” section of the Mohawk Media website <http://www.mohawkmedia.co.uk/askmrt.htm - Ed.>, there’s a box asking who you’d like to see Mr. T team up with. These two names came up again and again: so we set to work to make it happen.

Mr. T Versus Dinosaur-Man

Q: Let’s move on, or should that be “move back” (through time), to the fourth and final cover then. No question who we have here: this is Dinosaur-Man (also known as Detective Dinosaur). He’s been a sensation in comic magazines throughout Europe and South America for years, and has amassed a huge following and even his own successful cartoon show. How is this grizzled, hard-boiled, depressed-yet-witty private investigator going to get along with Mr. T?

CB: Who said anything about them getting along? I can’t see that happening. So you better batten down the hatches for a slug out of major proportions!

Q: Wow!

CB: And where there is Dinosaur-Man, his nemesis Mammalian is never far away.

Q: I have to ask: will these crossovers tie-in to the continuity of the upcoming Mr. T graphic novel <Mr. T: Limited Advance Edition Graphic Novel now available - Ed.> or will they be set outside of the graphic novel continuity?

CB: Both.

Q: Uh, anything else you care not to mention?

CB: Sure … how cool would it be if I was to say that, thanks to what could be an unprecedented deal, all the Mr. T Versus stories are intertwined? And did I also mention that there will be other famous names popping up throughout the series …

Q: You can’t say that and not give us a clue!

CB: Let me put it this way: there is that scene set in Scotland … at Loch Ness.


The Mr. T Versus series is by the creative team behind the Mr. T graphic novel: writer Christopher Bunting and illustrator J.L. Czerniawski.

Keep checking back at the official Mohawk Media website for further details, including release dates, for the Mr. T Versus series.

Mr. T the graphic novel is available now from Mohawk Media's paperless range of ECO COMICS. The print editions has sold out: it may still be available through bookstores worldwide by quoting its ISBN: 978-0956018908.

2011 update: Dinosaur-Man now has an official page...

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